Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring

Happy Spring people!

Let's do our best to ignore the snow (both fallen and forecast) and focus instead on the vivid flashes of colour poking through, reminding us that warmer days really are just around the corner.



  1. Oh those colours are simply stunning. Good on you for capturing them, and so sad that they are surrounded in snow.

    Have you had any this week? We haven't.

    Thanks so much for your comment over at Conscious Mum. I literally cannot put The Alchemist down ;-)

    Liska xx

    1. I took these pictures yesterday morning (also not realising it was Equinox!) now it's rain rain rain with possibly a little more snow over the weekend :-( Hard to believe is was 20c this time last year!

    2. Yes I heard on @lbc973 that some places today last year had 23 degrees. Due to that, they are running out of gas as they never expected so many of us to have heating on in March and the amount that we are doing.

      Took Aaron swimming this afternoon and there was NO outdoor time before or after as it was FREEZING. Ridiculous at this point in March.

      And to have the heating on, with the blooming price of it, is so frustrating.

      Hope it means we get a GREAT Summer to compensate.

      Liska xx


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