Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Veggie Box - 26th March 2013

 In our box this week we have:
  • Bag of new potatoes
  • Bag of mange tout
  • carrots
  • spring onions
  • some runner beans
  • bag of salad leaves
  • tomatoes
  • plums
  • pears
  • white grapes
  • the teeniest, tiniest little Romanesco you ever did see!
Our veggie box is looking a bit sparse this week. Very colourful, but not as full as previous weeks. I put this down in part to the bad weather and in part due to the presence of some very lovely (but, I expect, pretty pricey) white grapes.
It's not a problem as I still have the mushrooms and broccoli left from last week! ( I know, I know - they really should have been eaten by now...)

I may have to buy some cooking onions and more spuds though - this cold weather means comfort food all the way and the ultimate comfort food as far as I am concerned is mashed potato!

Here's the teeny, tiny romanesco (it's a type of cauliflower in case you were wondering) It's sitting next to some normal sized tomatoes and that's a bunch of spring onions behind it, just to give you an idea of the scale.
I just love them. In fact I am almost loath to cook and eat this one, it is a work of art! Isn't nature amazing?

Romanesco - Roman Cauliflower - originates as the name suggests, from Italy so it's hardly surprising that most of the recipes I found seem to be based around pasta.  I might even dig out my old pasta machine and rustle up some fresh linguine in honour of this miniature masterpiece :-)

Lots of romanesco recipes have been added to the pinboard - please do go take a look! (I'll let you know how the homemade pasta goes - it's been a while since I attempted it!)


  1. We had fresh mushrooms this week. Bear ate half a raw one from the box!

  2. I will never forget my first Romanesco experience . . I had no idea what to do with it, so I made soup in my tiny flat and it smelled of boiled cabbage all week :(
    Agree on the need for comfort food in this weather, and few foods are more comforting than potatoes, nor as versatile. A big plate of mash potatoes smothered in onion gravy . . yum! Oh! and bread as well, the other top comfort food. Enjoy your box, and your white grapes, what a treat, and a taste of summer.


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