Friday, March 15, 2013

Folksy Friday :: Raindrops keep falling on my head

Seems like we have had every type of weather this week - frost, snow, wind, even a bit of sun yesterday that gave me a much needed reminder that spring is just around the corner...  Back to rain again today so my little Folksy Friday selection seems all the more appropriate.

Just remember folks - Ignore the rain, look for the rainbow

1. Mary Jane embroidery pattern, lilipopo at glass mountain  2. Right as Rain original screen print, Lil Sonny Sky  3. Acid Rain necklace, Sour Cherry  4.Raincloud earrings, Kayleigh O'Mara  5. Pastel Rain Cloud cereal bowl, Hollie and Ollie  6. Cloud and Randrops mobile, Claireoncloud9  7. Hand painted cushion, Designs by Claire Ltd  8. Ceramic Cloud Brooch, Psycho Ceramics UK  9. In the Rain, The Docile Dodo

You can see more rain inspired finds from Folksy on my pinterest board


  1. Great choices love the docile dodo

  2. We love it! Emily and the Folksy Team :-)

  3. Pretty things, but In the Rain is my favourite, and links into some other lovely illustrations too.

  4. Lovely choices - I especially love the little bowls x


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