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Veggie Box - 12th March 2013

A couple of months back I promised I would share the contents of my weekly veggie box with you (metaphorically speaking) and also share a a recipe or two. I really want to inspire more of you to sign up to local veggie box schemes - I believe that they really are an excellent way to support your local economy, eat seasonally, become more creative in the kitchen and get more of that foodie goodness inside you!

It's always a challenge when you get your box and have to come up with ideas for what to make with the contents before it becomes inedible - I have found myself chopping and freezing leeks, french and runner beans over the past few weeks when I just didn't feel like cooking with them. And am I glad I did - leek and potato soup was just what we needed after a particularly chilly school run on Monday. All I had to do was peel a spud, chop it up and tip it, with the frozen chopped leeks into the pan with a bit of butter and some stock - half an hour later we were well and truly warming our cockles!

My 'Veggie Box' pinterest board is slowly filling up with ideas too and I am slowly making my way through the list of new recipes to try.

But if I want to convince the more reluctant of you I am going to have to be a bit more pushy!

So from this week I will be posting a piccie of my veggie box every Tuesday or Wednesday and sharing a recipe made with items from that box on Friday or Saturday.  It will keep me on my toes and hopefully help some of you feel more inspired by the idea of veggie box cooking!

This weeks box...


  • new potatoes 
  • carrots
  • parsnips
  • french beans
  • spring onions
  • leek
  • bag salad leaves (rocket etc)
  • half sweetheart cabbage
  • quarter large melon
  • pears
  • cooking apples
I have a couple of ideas - nice to have some cooking apples. I feel a nice appley cinnamon-y  pudding coming on! The cabbage looks gorgeous too. Maybe a stir fry, a soup or left raw in a winter coleslaw?

Pop back at the weekend and see what I came up with!

My box is delivered by FourSeasonsFoods, a local organic fruit and veg box scheme. I have the smallest fruit and veg box - mainly because it's only me and the Little Man who actually eat fruit and veg and I would rather have not enough than waste too much - which costs me £9 (delivery is free).


  1. hello from Wales! Your box this week sounds right up my street and is singing to me very sweetly. I find it hard to believe, even accept, that we have no such scheme in my area, however, we do have Pembrokeshire Produce Direct, which I have yet to try because they charage a whopping £4.95 delivery. Everything comes from a variety of local producers, and includes meat, fish, preserves, even chocolates and sweets! I follow you on Pinterest, and enjoy seeing your recipes and ideas and look forward to seeing your ideas for this week's box.

    1. Hello Deborah! It is such a shame that you don't have a local box scheme - although Pembrokeshire Produce Direct sounds like the right idea! The delivery charges do make all the difference don't they - I am so lucky that mine is delivered free! Have you thought about getting together with some friends/neighbours and ordering some between you and sharing the delivery cost? Or perhaps is something to try as a holiday treat :-) Thank you so much for continuing to follow x

  2. Yours is so much more interesting than mine!

    Though we did have kiwi fruit in ours this week. And beetroot which OH has suggested I make into a carrot and beetroot soup and he's promised he'll try it. Ours costs £10 and they take the healthy start vouchers which is a bonus!

    1. I have never tried carrot and beetroot soup, let me know how that goes! I still think roasting the beetroot with other root veggies and some red onions with some cumin seeds if you have them is THE best thing to do with them!!


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