Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dick Whittington Farm Park

During the holidays we took a trip down the road to Little London to visit Dick Whittington Farm Park (formally known as the Mohair Centre)

It was packed (as we were expecting as it's school holidays) but luckily for us most of the visitors seemed happy to stay in the indoor playcenter with all it's climbing frames, big slides and ball pits rather than brave the freezing wind.
feeding the goats

Unfortunately we weren't able to bottle feed the lambs today (one of the reasons we went!) because they were having their inoculations but we did get a sneaky peak at them all huddled together in their warm and cosy stall...

There are plenty of other animals to see too including llamas, pigs, Shetland ponies, plenty of rare and unusual breeds of chickens and pheasants, even a huge turkey! They also have a couple of rescue owls and a reptile house with various lizards, tortoises, terrapins and fish and another small barn housing small furry creatures - guinea pigs, rabbits and rats.  I know they have animal 'discovery' sessions where various animals are brought out for children to handle or just get a closer look.

this little piggy...

amazing colours on this iguana


Roo in the reptile house admiring lizards

farm cat doing the most sensible thing on a cold day...

cute fluffy chicks!

As we headed back to the play barn so the kids could run around like loons while we drank coffee we were treated to this spectacle of a peacock showing off for the missus (who seemed pretty unimpressed to be fair) I was impressed though!

Hey lady Peahen! Look at me!

no, really, LOOK AT ME!

Has she gone? Oh. *tail down*

Even Roo was inspired to take a picture...

Roo. Doing what mummy does....

We spent another hour and a half inside - unusually for a tourist attraction like this they are quite happy for you to bring a packed lunch although there is a cafe selling hot food, sandwiches and drinks.

Dick Whittington Farm Park is all about the kids - it's the only place I have ever been too where the adult entry fee is less than the kids entry fee. Even better, until the end of June, every adult coming with a paying child gets in free!

If you are ever in the area I heartily recommend a visit - it's no major tourist attraction, all plastic and shiny, and a little off the beaten track but all the better for it!

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