Sunday, April 07, 2013

Missing kitten...

This Easter has been properly tinged with sadness for us here at Mount Pleasant.

On the bright sunny morning of Saturday March 30th our kitten, DJ, went outside for a sniff about as he does each morning and never came back.

We have spent the past week phoning vets and the Cat's Protection League, leaving posters at local shops and on community pinboards, putting leaflets through letterboxes and knocking on doors asking people to check their sheds and garages and keep an eye out. I have posted pictures on facebook and twitter which have been shared extensively (thank you everyone) but so far have had no response.

Every morning for the past week I have woken up thinking that this is the day he will come home, and every evening I have gone to bed thinking 'tomorrow...'  I have even dreamt of him - seen him in the distance and called his name and he comes trotting up, tail all a-quiver and jumps up to my shoulder for a hug with a little squeaky miaow...

In ten short weeks he has firmly embedded himself within our family and into my heart (you can read about how DJ came into our life here). The last 7 days of not knowing have been torture.

DJ, wherever you are, we hope you are safe and happy. We would love you to come home xx


8th April 2013
10 hours after publishing this blog post, a friend got in touch with me via facebook to say a friend of hers had spotted a kitten identical to DJ that afternoon. We've studied the pictures and are convinced it is him! He is in another town 12 miles from home but, coincidentally 50 yards from our bike shop so we can only assume he managed to hitch a ride in the van somehow! 
Today I will mostly be walking around the area shaking a tub of kitty crunchies and hopefully tonight our little bundle of fur and claws will be back where he belongs - snuggled around my neck :-)

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry he's still missing :( I truly hope he comes home soon xx


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