Monday, April 29, 2013

Wonder Wool Wales 2013

This weekend we went off to Builth Wells for Wonder Wool Wales - a great show celebrating all that is woolly.  I wrote about it last year here so I won't waffle on this time but here are some pictures to inform and inspire!

As ever I came home all fired up and eager to try new things. There was a lot of recycling/upcycling going on which always inspires me. I have already been practising needlefelting but I really want to work creating my own fabric by wet felting (did you spot some of the amazing felt clothing in the slideshow?). I am even going to dig out the drop spindle I bought last year and have another go at spinning my own yarn! I'll let you now how that goes... ;-)

We are already planning our trip next year.

Maybe you could come too...?


  1. I so want one of those hares! I was not able to go, so am pleased you have shared this. I want to dig out my drop spindle now, but it is dark and the attic is a lonely place at night!

  2. Wonderful colours. I want one of those hares too - would have been unable to resist those if I'd been there.

  3. The Hares are amazing - lack of cash was the only thing that stopped me bringing them all home with me. They are made by Jenny Barnett - she has a blog and a facebook page if you want to find out more! I notice she also sells kits to make your own hare through her shop on Coriandr :-)

    1. I nearly bought one of her kits, bit OH wouldn't let me! They were well cute though!


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