Monday, April 22, 2013

#MagpieMonday - it's car boot sale season again!

I am celebrating the first carboot sale I have attended this year with a sneaky little Magpie Monday post.

Car boot sales are possibly the only party where 'fashionably late' basically means 'you missed all the best stuff' although it can also mean that people are happy to part with what is left for much less just so they don't have to take it home again!

For the first time I gave Roo his own money to spend, with the warning that he could spend his £2 on anything he wanted but that included cake or ice cream - no extra sweeties from mummy or Nonny today! Fair play to him he purchased a jigsaw for 10p, a book for his Thomas the Tank Engine collection (yes, a budding collector already!) for 20p and Jolly Phonics work book for 10p. 50p went on a strawberry cupcake, leaving him with £1.10 to spend. Then he spotted the ice cream van...
"Mummy, can I have an ice cream?"  "If you want, but it has to come out of your money."  "Ok, I will have a look at these tables first - ooo look can I have this colouring set?"  "If that's what you want. But you won't be able to have an ice cream too..."  "ok"
And that was it. Not a flicker as we walked back past the ice cream van. Not even an attempt to persuade Nonny to by him one.   I was very proud of him!

Anyway - most of the booters were packing up as we strolled around but I did manage to get a couple of bargains...

First up is this adorable little milk jug from the iconic 40's and 50's Wood's Ware 'Beryl' range. I have seen this for sale in pristeen condition for as much as £12. On ebay they fetch around a fiver. This one has a little tiny chip on it which probably renders it nearly worthless but at 50p I am not going to grumble! I will be looking our for other pieces though as I LOVE the colour and the cute curviness of it.

My second bargain of the day was this lovely little carousel tin - it's not especially old (the best before date for the toffees it once contained was May 2005) and it is pretty beaten up but the colours are just fabulous and becasue of it's state it actually looks a lot older than it is. Which is kinda cool.

So how much? 10p. Ten whole pence. I couldn't possibly not have it :-)

I have to keep this post short and sweet as I am supposed to be sorting out my conservatory to make room for a most wonderful find that any self-respecting Magpie would be proud of. It is heading my way very soon so I must get cracking!

Go and have a look at what all my fellow magpies have been gathering this week on Missie Lizzie's blog, Me and My Shadow .

Me and My Shadow


  1. Kidder's learnt some great life lessons there! I can't imagine my daughter would be so careful with her money - she'd blow the lot on sweets.

    I adore your tin, it's beautiful.

  2. That is such a fab tin! Not that I'm jealous!

  3. oh what a lovely tin! I need to find out soelocalcar boots this season its been a few years since I had a good ruage round a car boot sale.

  4. What a gorgeous tin! I love tins, have way too many but can't part with them. :)

  5. I daren't go near car boot sales! I cannot resist a bargain and I just do not have any more room :(
    You are so proud of your wee one. What a bargain hunter, and how well he learned too that he could not have everything.
    I have a similar tin, and a whole wagon load more of tins . . just cannot resist a lovely tin and they are so useful too!

  6. Love that tin - car boot sales sound like fun!!


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