Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Crafty Obsessions :: January - Buttons

Here's something I have been meaning to introduce to the blog for a while...  Crafty Obsessions!

Each month I plan to focus on one particular material or craft and share lots of ideas, beautiful pictures and tutorials with you, lovely readers. All 'Obsession' posts throughout the month will be tagged and there will be a library page here on the blog so you can refer back to posts at a later date if you want.

So without further ado lets start with January's obsession...


I believe I have written about my love of buttons on this blog before - in fact I even took part in a Button Swap which was great fun and something I would love to do again ( I may even organise one... what do you think?). I use a lot of old, reclaimed buttons in my Forest Flower products and have quite a large collection (including lots of gorgeous vintage buttons I inherited from my Other Half's nan) and it seems such a shame to leave them all sitting in a tin. So I been searching around for ideas for lovely things to make and do using buttons.

I have three or four projects to share with you over the month including a button lampshade, easy accessories and button pictures. I have also set up a Crafty Obsessions - Buttons Pinterest board - just shout if you'd like to join in pinning and I will add you to the board!

But for now here is a little button porn for you...

adorable pastel buttons - I have a special project in mind for these!

Lovely muted tones

Gorgeous vintage pressed glass buttons from nan's button box. Most of them are clear but I found a couple of pink and pale green ones too!

A closer look at that pastel prettiness...

My absolute favourite button from nan's button box - I can just imagine this beautiful pale blue embossed button gracing a coat or jacket saved for weddings and special occasions...

The first button project will be posted next week - I do hope you'll pop back and join in my January Crafty Obsession!

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  1. oh buttons love them!
    Look forward to seeing your creations :)


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