Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simple Button Hoop Art Tutorial

I love collecting buttons - I have even been known to buy stuff from charity shops simply for the buttons!

Sometimes it seems a bit of a shame to hide them away in a tin where their multicoloured buttony gloriousness cannot be appreciated...

So here's a simple idea to show off your button collection - pick out a few of your favourites, a scrap of fabric and an embroidery hoop and whip up a little piece of art in next to no time.


You will need

Some buttons
Embroidery Hoop
piece of fabric to fit embroidery hoop
piece of felt to back (optional)
fabric glue

First cut a circle of felt, if you are using, the same size as the inner diameter of your hoop. You can glue this to the back of your work to neaten it when you are done and believe me it's MUCH easier to cut it out now!

Place your fabric into your embroidery hoop - make sure it is stretched nice and tight.

Arrange your buttons any way you like until you are pleased with the layout them simply stitch into place. (you could glue them on for a completely no-sew make but I like to see the stitching)

When you have sewn all the buttons on,  trim the fabric all the way round leaving about 4cm or so to wrap around the hoop.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the inside of the inner ring of the hoop and stick the fabric down.

Then add the backing felt with more fabric glue and leave to dry

Ta da!

What could be easier than that? I used a tiny 10cm hoop but you could use any size you like.

Group buttons by size, shape, colour or material or go completely random. Contrast, clash or match - it's entirely up to you!!

I am loving obsessing over buttons this month - my Pinterest board is filling up with gorgeous button images and crafty ideas and I have a couple more projects to share with you before the end of the month too!

Happy Crafting x


  1. Lovely tutorial...your finished hoop looks really pretty Anthea and I love the colours too!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
    Susan x

    1. Thanks Susan! I love the colours too - it has a fabulous retro feel doesn't it? I will be making more of these with some of my 'special' buttons I think.


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