Wednesday, January 01, 2014

#Craftblogclub Secret Santa

Back at the very beginning of December the lovely Emma over at Life is Peachy organised a Secret Santa for all the #craftblogclub Twitter chatters who wanted to take part (well done Em, you did a fab job matching us all up and making sure everyone got the right addresses to post to!)

My Secret Santa gift was to go to Kate at Crafts on Sea and I spent many hours pondering what to make for someone who seemed to a pretty accomplished craftswoman herself! In the end I decided to make a covered notebook, using the same method I used for this tutorial a couple of months back.

I used lovely wool mix felt in grey marl and some gorgeous blue linen fabric that used to be a shirt (I do LOVE reusing old clothes to make new things!) for the lining and an embroidered applique patch on the front.  I know Kate has been going through some exciting changes this year with a new baby and a new shop so I thought a little notebook to jot down all those hopes, dreams and ideas would be just perfect!

Unusually for me I completely failed to take any pictures whatsoever of the notebook before or after I had wrapped it up to send! (I was in a bit of a pickle most of the way through December though so maybe it's not too surprising...) Luckily Kate has blogged about it with some lovely photos - please, do hop over and take a look

I know you are all dying to now what I received from Secret Santa....

Check out this gorgeous little bundle of loveliness from Laura at Made Peachy!

Not just one pressie but four! A lovely handmade felt stocking with huge jingle bells in my favourite festive colours, a bar of handmade soap (that smells yummy) and a candy cane to nibble on.  Laura had obviously done her research and knew how much I loved all things kitty and made me a covered notebook too! I adore the kitschy little kitty on the front. The back of the cover shows the back view of the kitty - sooooo cute :-)

There was a lovely little notecard enclosed too (Laura, if you read this - where did you get that notecard from? It is just beautiful!) sealed with wax which cracked delightfully when I opened it. I am definitely getting me some sealing wax and a stamp in 2014 - it is so much more satisfying than just ripping open a normal gummed envelope!

Thank you so much Laura - I am blown away by your thoughtful gift!

And thank you Emma for having the idea and organising us all - you are awesome!!

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and Santa brought you all lovely gifts too!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year x


  1. Everyone one made and received such lovely gifts! Hope we do this again next year =) xx


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