Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Crafty Obsessions - Ribbons

lovely Jane Means ribbons in shades of spring!
Crafty Obsessions took a little break in March (as life took over) but it's back for April and this month I am sharing my obsession with ribbons!

I love playing with ribbon almost as much as I love playing with buttons. They are perfect for adding the finishing touch to a beautifully wrapped gift; using as a trim or decoration; make into hanging loops; personalising shop bought clothing and adding an extra unique finish to hand made clothes. Hell, you can even tie them in your hair!

I have blogged a number of ribbon based craft tutorials over the years and since becoming a Jane Means Ribbon Blogger in 2012 I have had one more fabulous excuse to play with ribbon.

Here are some of my favourite ribbon makes. Just click on the picture to visit the tutorial.

This month I have two more fab ribbon tutorials to share with you - a lovely ribbon trimmed pillow and a gorgeous ribbon based bracelet idea that will be perfect for summer accessorising! There will also be a round up of my favourite ribbon makes from other crafty blogs, a Pinterest board bursting with ribbony goodness and some new ribbons I am coveting right now! So if you share my love of ribbons don't forget to pop back regularly over the next few weeks - or better still why not subscribe by email? Every single post sent directly to your inbox so you'll never miss a thing!

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