Saturday, April 05, 2014

Rainbow Raindrops and Smiley Clouds!

If every cloud looked as cute as this one I'm sure we wouldn't be quite so sad to see them scurrying across the sky. I always imagine the world looks brighter after a spring shower but imagine a downpour of colourful raindrops making rainbow puddles and painting the world in bright hues!

I made this lovely smiley cloud softie for my niece last week. I'll be honest, she very nearly didn't get it as I love it so much!

The eagle eyed among you may recognise it from the latest edition of Mollie Makes...

Instead of bakers twine (which I don't have - I know, call myself a crafter!) I used this lovely narrow stitched ribbon by Jane Means.  The dark grey really allows to colours to pop don't you think?

I used little wooden heart buttons to attach the ribbon hanging loop

The cloud and raindrops are all made from soft wool mix felt and it is completely hand stitched so is a perfect project to do whilst sat watching tv of an evening.

I love it. I hope my niece does too :-)

If you want to have a go at making this lovely Smiley Cloud with Rainbow Raindrops wall hanging you can find full instructions in this month's issue of Mollie Makes and download the full size template here.

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  1. Flower loves her cloud & Bear loves his stagosaurus.


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