Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ribbon Decorated Cushion Tutorial

So, I promised you a couple of tutorials to tie in with this month's Crafty Obsession  and here is the first - How to make a cute decorative pillow with ribbon trim.

The instructions are for a small pillow measuring approx 32cm x 24cm but it can be easily adapted to make a pillow any size you want!

Instructions include a seam allowance of 1cm - add extra to the width (the short edge) if you feel you need it!



You will need

plain fabric for pillow form
enough stuffing to fill pillow
Fabric for pillow cover
several lengths of ribbon for decoration
matching thread
sewing kit

To make the inner

 Using plain fabric (an old sheet or pillow case is perfect) cut a rectangle measuring 26cm x 63 cm.

Fold it in half length ways and stitch along the two long edges and the open short edge, leaving a gap to turn and stuff.

Clip the corners, turn, stuff and stitch up the opening.

That's your pillow done. Now for the cover...

To make the pillow cover

Using your main fabric cut a rectangle measuring 26cm x 75cm.
Turn, press and stitch a 1cm hem on each short edge, then fold your rectangle into three so that the two short edges overlap and the pillow fits snuggly inside. Mark the panel that will be the front of your pillow with pins or tailors chalk (it should measure approx 26cm x 31cm)

Now the fun bit - take your ribbons and arrange them how you want on the front panel of the cover. Mix and match, varying widths and gaps between your ribbons. When you are happy with the arrangement pin them in place. If you want tack them by hand before machine stitching - I strongly recommend this if you are using a velvet fabric like I did as the pile of the velvet makes the ribbon 'walk' out of position as you machine stitch.

Ribbons all stitched in place?

Good, now fold the ends back over as before, right sides facing. Pin and stitch the two long edges. Trim the seams and turn.

Insert your pillow.

Feel super proud of yourself!!

I used some of the lovely ribbons from my Jane Means Ribbon stash for this project including wired edge ribbons, narrow stitched ribbon, striped gross grain ribbon and narrow gingham ribbon all in shades of green to go with the lovely piece of vintage green velvet fabric I've had for ages but never quite known what to with!

I love the finished pillow and this make is so easy to adapt to suit your decor. I think I will be making a few more of these very soon...

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  1. That looks easy & simple. I'll have to dig out my sewing machine & give it a go. When my leg is better that is!


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