Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Handmade Heart Swap

I love blog swaps! It's an opportunity to get to know other bloggers a bit better and even discover new blogs you may not have read before. I took part in my first proper blog swap a couple of months ago - a button swap - and thoroughly enjoyed rooting through my button stash and picking out 50 buttons for my swap partner.

This month I have taken part in Mary Poppins' Handmade Heart Swap

My swap partner is the lovely Victoria over at Tangled Sweetpea. We had agreed to send our parcels, by first class on Monday so I was surprised when the my postie turned up with a big box for me Monday morning!! (turns out Victoria's post office was going to be closed Monday so she sent it on Saturday instead)

Here's what I got - all wrapped in red tissue paper and pretty heart printed ribbon. The parcel was sprinkled with lovely heart shaped confetti too!!

Victoria had clearly noticed my love of the Scandinavian red and white colour scheme and penchant for gingham and polka dots!

This lovely candle holder will be living on my bedside table ready for a spot of candlelit bedtime reading . . .

We both love baking - check out this for a great gift idea! All the dry ingredients for White Chocolate and Cranberry cookies. Just add butter, egg and vanilla essence. She's even included a gorgeous red heart cookie cutter!!

I simply adore this. Our names spelled out in scrabble letters! I love the way they are linked up too. As Victoria says, not heart shaped, but all about family, which we all hold close to our hearts!

And finally - something for the Little Man too!

If you have never taken part in a blog swap I encourage you to do so. Nothing beats the feeling of putting together a little bundle of goodies for someone for no other reason than 'just because'.  We were so chuffed with our little box of love.

Victoria should receive her parcel today.
I hope she likes her Handmade Hearts as much as I love mine!

Thank you Victoria xxx

ps - If you want to see other swap pictures visit the Handmade Heart Swap Flickr pool...


  1. Ooh I'm sooooooo pleased you love everything Anthea, I did so much enjoy putting everything together for you all! I'm eagerly awaiting Mr Postie! Lots of love!
    Victoria xx

  2. Ok you two, you're making me feel nervous about what I'm making for my handmade heart swap partner! And I am waaaay behind schedule, oops. Sarah x hometoroostblog.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Gorgeous swap goodies! I love red and white Scandinavian inspired designs too :) I loved the things you made for Victoria. Swaps are such a great idea!
    Helen x


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