Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting organised...

It's nearly the end of June already. How did that happen? Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year) has been and gone. Before we know it the Autumnal nip will be in the air and we'll all be digging out our hats and scarves again...

What do you mean you haven't put them away from last winter yet?

To be honest, neither have I, and that is the main prompt behind this post. Not hats and scarves particularly but just putting things away generally.

Last year I was determined to become more organised. And I did. A bit. But really not enough...

The other day I stumbled across a lovely blog via Hello Cotton - a great bloggers networking site aimed at women bloggers. Here there are blogs covering many subjects from food to fashion, travel to television, crafts to culture, and just about anything else you care to think of. There are 'family' blogs aplenty too as well as the 'covers most bases' Lifestyle/Personal section.  Since signing up a couple of weeks ago (my profile is here) I have found some lovely new blogs to read and one of my favourites is A Thrifty Mrs - packed full of great money saving tips and DIY tutorials not to mention some great writing, I heartily recommend it!! I have added it to my blog roll - (look right under 'When I get a moment I like to read...') if you fancy taking a look :-)

Anyway one post caught my eye in particular - 'Daily Housewifery Prompts'  Every week Mrs posts a list of prompts, one for each day, to help you get your house in order. So far this week I have tidied my bedside table, been through my book shelves (and come up with a carrier bag full of books for the charity shop) and collected up my scattered-around-the-house copies of Mollie Makes which now look lovely on a shelf together...

It's amazing how these little jobs get overlooked and yet generate such a feeling of satisfaction once they are done!  I will be following the 'Daily Housewifery Prompts' over the next few weeks in my bid to get more organised, one step at a time. I'll let you know how it goes...

Why don't you give them a try too?


  1. I've been following a thrifty mrs for a while, isn't she fab!she's also on the telly on channel 4 in a fab programme called superscrimpers! Love all the tips she has to share!
    Victoria xx

    1. Aha! I thought I recognised her from somewhere! Another tip of hers is to do a 'To Do List' at night before sleep rather than in a rush in the morning. Definitely going to try that to!! (it's on today's to-do list )


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