Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's the Little Things...

A couple of weeks back someone left an anonymous comment on this blog. For some reason they felt the need to point out that my blog was filled with little things. Anonymous went on to say that I am (obviously) seeking to fill some unamed void in my life with 'stuff'; that there is something BIG missing from my life and so I am seeking to convince the world and myself that I am happy by wittering on about unimportant little things...

Well the response from my readers (and friends) to that comment was overwhelming. It seems that you all feel that actually it is the Little Things that are the most important. It's the Little Things that keep us going when the BIG THINGS get tough. It's the Little Things that give us pleasure, joy, that warm fuzzy feeling that makes us think 'You know what? I've had a crap day but that smile/sight/gift/chat with my friend has really lifted my spirits'

It's the Little Things that remind us we are not completely on our own, that other people care and that the BIG THINGS are not EVERYTHING...

I thought it would be nice to celebrate those Little Things and with this in mind am thinking of doing one post a week focusing completely on the Little Things that have made a difference that week.  You can join in if you want. I would love it if you did. The more the merrier - lot's of Little Things together making up one BIG bundle of appreciation!

This week a very little thing made me happy - a bunch of flowers, rescued from the reduced bucket in my local Co-op -  a sad, neglected, lonely bunch of sweet williams. I have no doubt they would have been binned at close of business that day if no-one took them home.  They were priced up at 30p.  Well it would have been rude not to...

 A little TLC and an afternoon in a jug full of fresh water and I was rewarded with this lovely display!

Is it just me or does that single bloom look like a little heart? 

Four days on and they are still looking lovely, a jug full of happiness.

See? Just a little thing but they lifted my spirits and I am looking at them now, against a backdrop of grey skies and raindrops, and I am smiling.

It really is the Little Things . . .

What Little Things have made you smile this week?


  1. Captured beautifully! I too am an appreciator of the little things ;)

  2. Ooh I do LoVesweet wiliams! I think it's the little things that make every day more beautiful!
    Victoria xx

  3. You're so right (and if Anonymous's life is so big and important, however did he/she find the time to comment on your blog?)
    Anyway moving on...for me this week it's been the hummingbirds ignoring the feeder in favour of my nasturtiums- they nearly disappear inside the blooms.

  4. Your blog post for starters made me smile! It is indeed the little things that add up to a happy life. Flowers make me happy too, beautiful photographs!

  5. Hi, just found your blog - can't believe how some people can be. The 'little things' are the most important, they need to be noticed : )Going to read some more of the little things on your blog now!

  6. We have to enjoy the little things - the big things don't come along all the time. I enjoy observing the park we walk through on the way to school and how it changes through the seasons - there's often a new flower or a squirrel to spot.


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