Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How is your garden growing?

So after the brief respite the shitty weather is back again. And (sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings) it's not looking like things are gonna improve much in the next couple of weeks.

The garden has taken a bit of a battering again this weekend - the marsh mallow has fallen over and I really must stake the raspberry canes and the tomatoes before they follow suite!

Our little veggie patch isn't doing too badly. The slugs/snails had a go at a couple of the pea shoots and something (birds? cat? LM looking for treasure?) has been scrabbling about dislodging some of the carrot and lettuce seedlings, but for the most part it's looking good. . .

I visited a garden centre with my parents on Saturday and bought some broad bean plants to add to our veggie selection - I just LOVE freshly podded broad beans but they need starting off much earlier and I always forget to do it. I have six healthy plants for £2 (which is about how much a bag of fresh unpodded broad beans would cost me to buy later in the summer) so if they all survive and thrive then they will more than earn their keep!

I also bought this gorgeous Iceland Poppy too. It was a proper impulse buy (I was actually after some sweet peas) but I just couldn't resist the sunny yellow and orange flowers. The bees seemed to love them too, buzzing industriously around the display at the garden centre. You can never have too many bees in the garden. . .

I do hope we see a bit more sunshine and a bit less wind and rain soon. I want to be able to sit out in the garden on my lovely garden seat - a gift from the in-laws - handmade locally and absolutely perfect for our shady little 'woodland' patch at the end of the garden.

More to the point they stop the Little Man from playing in the soggy, boggy patch behind!  Honestly if anyone mentions drought and hosepipe bans again I might be forced to make them stand in that bit for a few minutes then see if they can pull their feet out without losing their shoes!!!

How is your garden bearing up to our rather less than 'flaming June' weather?

And how are you stopping those slimy munchy monsters making a meal of your garden before you get a chance to?  (any tips more than welcome!!)

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