Monday, June 11, 2012

#CreativeBudget Giveaway - winner

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions for my next #CreativeBudget post.

Something for Father's Day was a popular idea but I figured by the time I had received the next bundle of goodies from Abakhan, planned the tutorial, made the item and posted it on the blog Father's Day would be long gone so I'm afraid that idea went out the window - never fear though, I have a couple of ideas for 'man' gifts which I hope to do later in the year in preparation for your Handmade Christmas ;-)

The other popular suggestion was something for outside - it is summer after all (no, really, it is!). I had a browse through the Abakhan website and came across some exceptionally well priced 'shower proof' fabric (the kind of stuff used for sport clothing) and came up with an idea. If all goes well there will be a tutorial too. . .

As a thank you for all the comments and suggestions I wrote the names of everyone who commented into the post on little bits of paper, put them in the Union Jack Handbag and asked the Little Man to pick out the lucky winner of the Union Jack shopper and strawberry scented Jubilee Crown bag charm.

And the winner is. . .

Louise @CraftyGuider

Congratulations Louise -get in touch and I will get your prizes in the post as soon as possible :-)

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