Monday, July 01, 2013

5:2 update - little steps

Well today marks four weeks on the Fast Diet or 5:2 plan - I explained a bit about it here when I first started the plan (still refusing to use the 'd' word!)

So how is it going?

Well I lost 2lbs a week for the first two weeks, 1 1/2lb in week three and only 1/2lb last week. I am not surprised at this, in fact given the amount of ice-cream that has been consumed over the last few HOT days (yes, we have SUMMER!!!) I am amazed I lost anything at all!!

A total of 6lbs in four weeks is not to be sniffed at and if it feels a little slow I am grateful that at least I weigh 6lbs less than I did on 1st June. We all know that crash dieting and rapid weight loss are not good for us and long term weight loss so I am happy to be taking these little steps.


I do think I need to curb my enthusiasm on non-fast days a bit! It's all well and good saying you can eat whatever you like on a non-fast day but I doubt that includes snacking on a whole pack (100g) of BBQ coated peanuts through out one day. Yes, I did that. They were yummy but they will not be entering this house again...  ;-)

We've had a few knock backs this week too - mostly money related (aren't the always?). Amongst other things, the heating element of our cheap and nasty cooker has died and no-one seems to be able to find a replacement...  Luckily everything else seems to work ok so we can still grill and stove top is separate and I have a slow cooker and microwave so in the grand scheme of things it's not the end of the world.  I have discovered a number of half about microwave cake recipes and made pasta bake in the crock pot. The Other Half's Friday night pizza proved a bit trickier - I went for sliced baguette topped with tomato puree and herbs and sprinkled with grated mozzarella cheese and grilled. It seemed to go down well. The oven will have to be sorted some time though (microwave jacket potatoes are NOT the same) - but whether we can get a replacement element and get it fixed or have to find the money for a new one remains to be seen.

The point of the above paragraph (apart from having a moan about our crappy cheap cooker) was to excuse my chocolate munching over the past week too. It's not really an excuse though is it?  One day I will learn not to use food (chocolate) as comfort...

Weight is not the only measurement I have been taking. I measured myself on the 1st June too and have just measured again - an overall loss of 171/2 cm - including 51/2 cm (that's about 2") off my waist and 3cm off my midriff (ie the belly fat)  My clever scales also tell me that, of the 6lb loss. 3lb of that is fat! I'm happy with that.

Little steps...


  1. The problem with a new food plan is that it takes a while to get into routine with it. Once you've got into a good balance with it, you'll be find. And you're better off losing weight slowly because it's more likely to stay off.

  2. Well done you! That sounds like a sensible weight loss, not too quickly. Wish I'd joined you when you started, I wouldn't be sitting here the same heavy weight now! Even a couple pounds makes all the difference to how we move and feel. {scurries off to find diet books}

    1. No time like the present Deb! I am finding the 'fast' much easier than I expected - really recommend this method of healthy eating! (but not the whole packet of BBQ coated peanuts...)

    2. Like Anth I am also trying to lose weight - (also NOT on a diet!) although my methods are different they are also working. I have cut out all potato, bread and pasta for tea and have cut my lunch down to 1 roll, 1 yogurt and several pieces of fruit to munch on during the day. I weigh in KG & G as this is how I get weighed at the hospital so my weight loss in 6 weeks is 3Kg 400g. Better than nought!!!!!! Slowly but surely is defo the way to go! Great idea about measuring yourself though Anth - never thought of that - may have to go look for my measuring tape! Keep it up girl - your doing great! xx Alys

    3. Well done Alys! That's about 7 1/2lbs - half a stone.

  3. Well done on your loss! I've just started 5:2 and had a really good loss the first week. Not so good this week but, as you say, better a little coming off long term than a real crash diet.
    Good luck and be strong against those chocolate/ice creams/etc!


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