Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer fete fun

Nothing says 'summer' more than school fetes! This year I was invited along to the Heart of the Forest School fete along with my craft fair partner in crime Miss Willow to show off my makes and help raise a little much needed cash for this fab community special school.

It was a beautiful sunny day - ok it was a swelteringly HOT day!  Luckily most of us had gazebos or garden parasols for shade and there was even an occasional hint of a breeze to take the edge off...

The fete was everything a good school fete should be. There was plenty to keep the kids occupied - bouncy castle, coconut shy, skittles, a zip wire, a police car and a fire engine for them to climb about on (and set off the siren in...) not to mention the fabulous play ground that has recently been completed!

We all had a great day - met some new customers, made some new friends and donated 10% of our takings to the school fund too.

Here are a few pictures of our day...

Hurrah for gazebos! Not only do they keep the sun off but they also make handy bunting display space too!!

Lots of lovely stalls...

No, I wasn't in trouble (for a change ;-) ) it was a there purely so the kids could play with the siren. Which they did. A lot...

Live music

Lovely vintage motor!

Roo helped out a bit too - here he is in a rare 'not-playing-up-for-the-camera' shot, modelling his favourite 'Sweet Lavender Kitty'...


...and a more normal 'properly-playing-up-for-the-camera' shot!!

We had a lovely day and after years of rubbish summers I think schools around the country must have breathed a collective sigh of relief that this year the summer fete season has truly felt like summer!!


  1. A lovely day! We deserve good weather. Back in the day, school fundraising meant an old fashioned Jumble Sale! A bit of a scrum, but great fun and there was always a bargain to be had.

    1. Oh I so miss jumble sales! They just don't happen anymore do they? People sell all their good stuff on ebay these days. I used to love coming home from the school fete with a bag of books for 20p :-)

    2. Looks like a certain little man had alot of fun!

  2. Kid is looking so sweet. My boy is of the same age. I love watching him doing this kind of acts. He is a big fan of bouncy castle. Recently I hired some birthday games for his birthday. He had a lot of fun with other children.


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