Monday, July 01, 2013

'Boost your stash' Giveaway Winner!!

Wow! I was a little overwhelmed by the number of entrants to my little giveaway!  I think one or two lovely people may have shared it on MSE as a lot of traffic came from there over the weekend! Whoever you are, thank you!

It took me best part of an hour to collate all the entries from here, facebook and twitter, writing all the names on slips of paper, folding them up ready for the drawer...

Let me introduce my special, utterly non-biased but very cute assistant - Roo


Mia Fergusson

Mia left this comment on the blog post and also entered via facebook and twitter
"i would love to win , there is so many things i could make but id love to give making teddy bears a try."
I would love to see what you do make with your new bundle, Mia!

Thanks to everyone who took part and if you would still love some of that beautiful fabric I have the fat quarter bundle for sale here at the special price of £9.99. I'll even refund the postage charge if you message me when ordering mentioning that you entered the 'Boost your Stash' giveaway.

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