Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A new linky - share your WIPs!

I blog a lot of tutorials in my role as a Jane Means Ribbon Blogger and an Abakhan Creative Budget Blogger, as well as new Forest Flower designs when I add them to my Folksy shop but I don't often take the time to show off the little (and not so little) projects I work on - usually in the evenings whilst watching TV or listening to music - little things for the home, for Roo, presents for friends and family and those new techniques or ideas I spot on Pinterest or between the covers of Mollie Makes...

Some of these projects are on-going (which means I have been working on them forever!) Others are what I call 'Sunday afternoon makes' - little things I rustle up while the boys are watching the motorcycle racing. There is usually at least one gift being made, if not for an upcoming birthday than to go in the Christmas box. Occasionally I even make something for myself!!

a current WIP - should be completed by next week's linky...

I thought it would be a nice idea to start up a works-in-progress (aka WIPs) linky where we can all share the projects we are working on, the projects we would LIKE to start, the ones we need encouragement to finish...

I am planning to post the WIPs linky on the last Tuesday of each month - so the first one will be next Tuesday 30th July - and the linky will stay the whole of following month so as many of you as possible can join in. I will be working on a little bit of coding so you can add a badge to your post to encourage your readers to head over to the linky and join in and maybe discover some new blogs in the process.

I hope that lots of my crafty blogging friends will take join in once a month. Linkys are a great way to discover new blogs so I hope that all of you who do link up take the time to check out the other blogs on the linky too!

#WIPsLinky will be announced on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ so please follow/like/add if you want to see the reminder or subscribe to the blog by email and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

I look forward to seeing all of your works-in-progress next week!


  1. I'm In!! All I have to do now is make the effort to make something - although like you I already have about a dozen different things that I have started and not finished. Better go dig them out! (alys)

    1. That's great Alys - I know you don't have a blog but you may be able to link up a facebook post/photo album in the linky? If not you can link to your facebook post (make sure you set that post to public though!) by copying and pasting the URL as a comment...


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