Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunshine days are numbered...

Apparently this is the week the weather will break. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow but definitely very soon.

I am not surprised. We are off on holiday on Wednesday - just a few days down in Devon, near Ilfracombe - so of course this glorious sunshine is going to end just in time for our once a year trip to the seaside.


Actually it may not be that bad but I am not counting my chickens and making sure I pack plenty of activities for Roo. Just in case...

Yesterday, however, was glorious so we had a little day out with Nonny and Roo's Great Great Auntie. We stayed local, calling by at Lydney harbour (we'll be coming back with a picnic later in the holidays!)...

one boy and his Nonny

A log bench with rope carving


exploring the locks

view down the River Severn from sea gate

...then on to the park. There is a great little cafe here, plenty to keep Roo occupied and some lovely flower beds, mature trees and a pretty fountain to look at. I even managed to get my crochet out while Roo was playing :-) Unfortunately there is nothing like this in our home town and we have to travel 20 mins or so in the car (when we can get a lift) or catch a bus. But it's well worth it!

Big slide!

monkey boy...

at the top

swings and shadows

me and my shadow...

We had a really nice day. Fingers crossed it's not the last day of summer...


  1. Aww! I hope the weather is good for you. Typical though, isn't it? Ilfracombe is quite beautiful, I hope you have a good holiday, rain or shine! Found you again on twitter, I closed out my old account and opened a new one. Love that rope bench! Would look good in my garden :)

    1. The rope bench is amazing! A beautiful weathered piece of wood. I have no idea how long it's been there...

  2. Hope the weather holds long enough to enjoy your holidays in the sun. Love the wooden rope carving :-)

    1. Me too! We only manage to get away for a few days in the summer (the downside of having your own shop!) and it would be a pity to spend them indoors!

  3. Great pictures - hope you have a lovely time. I'm hoping the weather comes back this week too as we have a little trip planned.


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