Friday, June 03, 2011

The artist at work...

Recently the Little Man discovered felt tip pens.
I must admit I was a little nervous. The following equation entered my head -

three year old + felt tip pens = home decor disaster

But he surprised me (he's getting good at that). The other day we set him up at his little table with a Thomas the Tank Engine colouring book and some felt tips (washable ones - allegedly) and he coloured...and coloured...and coloured! He used different colours and tried not to go over the lines (too much)
And two hours later he was still colouring...

He even refused pudding after his tea because, and I quote, 'I have to do colouring, mummy'

Yup - he's a leftie...

So now, finally I have found something he can do at the table while I am crafting, that he can do by himself that doesn't require my constant input/attention. Something that encourages his creativity and fine motor skills (bonus brownie points for that) and something that actually keeps him occupied for more than 30 secs at a time!

It's only taken three years...

Is this what they mean when they say it DOES get easier?


  1. I'm still colouring in, but at least I get p;aid for it!

  2. Awww he looks like he's enjoying it! My daughter's a leftie, she gets her artistic drawing utensil of choice up her hand! She developed a pretty good technique for minimal smudgeyness too :)


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