Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holiday - Scarborough

We headed into Scarborough fairly early on Tuesday morning - partly coz we had all been up since 6:30 (thanks Little Man) and partly coz the weather forecast was not promising and mentioned rain moving in by lunchtime.
The Little Man couldn't wait to get back on the beach and, despite the nippy air headed straight for the sea!
 Wave jumping... you really should try it!
 The Little Man absolutely LOVED the gulls but they weren't to keen on him (at least not until he starting feeding them chips at lunchtime...)
 Young gull not yet with it's adult plummage but still an impressive wingspan!

After lunch of Harry Ramsden's cod and chips on the beach (in the rain...the British sure know how to holiday!) we headed up to the castle on the promontory. The view from the ramparts is pretty impressive, over looking the harbour...
...and it's flotilla of little boats.
 The castle walls snake along the finger of land that juts out into the sea, enclosing the long, thin promontary with impressive stonework. On the seaward sides it was protected by steep cliffs.
 The castle keep itself sits on top of the hill looking dark and brooding as storm clouds brewed...
 There was plenty here to keep the adventurous amused...
The Little Man contemplates the 150 ft well in the inner bailey... that's a long way down!

Scarborough Castle was a fabulous place to visit, well kept with plenty to keep everyone occupied. If you do visit, accept the free audio tour gadget at the entrance - it's a really good way to learn more about the history of the different parts of the castle and the events that occured there. There were a couple of school parties there when we visited but otherwise it was not busy. At less than a fiver for adults and free for the Little Man as he is under 5 I felt it was excellent value for money - but beware the only parking is down the hill from the entrance and the walk up is VERY steep!!

If you want to see more pictures from our day at Scarborough, including some incredibly atmospheric black and white shots please visit the Tales from Mount Pleasant Facebook page.

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  1. I've never considered Scarborough as a holiday destination but it actually looks brilliant. It's ever so pretty and historic-looking. Did he race into the water fully clothed?

    Thank you for adding this little gem to ShowOff ShowCase.

  2. Yup - fully clothed! He loved it - but of course I had to go in with him... *it was fffffreeezing*

  3. I have just cried... I am such a loser. But I am so Home Sick at the mo...
    I was brought up in Filey and went to School in Scarborough. I spent everyday either at Ballet, Dancing or hanging around with my friends on Scarborough sea front. My mum is still living in Filey and works at Scarborough Hospital. Kyd was born there even though we lived in Bridlington at the time, I insisted on him being Scarborough born.
    I miss it so much, I miss my friends, my mum and the seafront. I even miss the crap weather... do you know what I miss the most??... The fish n chips!!

    Thanks for high lighting It as a holiday destination... I just wish I could afford the train fare!! I'd be there tomorrow if I could lol

    Love this Post xxx

  4. This brings back some memories - for the first 16 year of my life the last week of July and the first week of Auguist were spent in Scarborough.. There was just never any question of going anywhere else - since then I've taken my daughter there and she's loved it as much as I always did.

  5. We stayed at a caravan park at Cayton Bay - the beach there was gorgeous! (there is a seperate post for Cayton Bay here somewhere...) I loved Scarborough and will definitely head back there again one day :) Hope you get back there soon as well x


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