Monday, June 13, 2011

Silent Sunday explained...

Thank for all your lovely comments on yesterday's Silent Sunday post
So now, for all of you who enquired I will expand a little...
The OH has a shop in the market town of Newent, Gloucestershire. It's quite a large space with high street frontage that stretches back into the courtyard of the Old Shambles Village, a former museum of Victoriana now being redeveloped into a 'retail village' dedicated to small local business and particularly arts, crafts and gifts. He has created a unit at the back of the shop that opens onto the Shambles courtyard and there are also two units upstairs that would make perfect shops/studios for the right person...
The whole complex is a mish mash of original 'old' buildings and newer 'vintage styled' additions built using reclaimed  original features to create an authentic look. One of the upstairs units used to be a part of the main 'on the high street' house but at some point in the past it has been blocked off from the rest. A vintage conservatory has been tacked on to the back of this space to create a really nice, airy room that would make a fabulous interiors or antiques/curiosity shop...

 I suspect that, whilst the panels are all original they may not have all been together and have, rather, been collected and added to the conservatory as replacement glass panes. Thay are not in the best condition as I am sure any stained glass worker could tell you (yes, DiomoGlass, I am looking at you!!!) but they are a very pretty and unexpected find, hidden away where they are not even visable from ground level.
A proper 'Magpie' find I think you'll agree...
Me and My Shadow

ps - if you know anyone who may be interested in renting this space please message me :)


  1. Oh how lovely. My mum does stained glass and I plan on pestering her to make my some for my front door when I move house!

    A lovely space, the whole complex sounds wonderful. I'm sure you'll be full of sellers soon x

  2. Lol! I'd love to if only I lived that way! Does look like a fantastic space though.

  3. These look utterly fantastic! I'm such a fan of stained glass in general and these are beautiful pieces - whoever moves into one of the little units in your OH's place will have some gorgeous surroundings! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. If I were to have a shop that is the type of place I would love to have one. It would inspire me to do more beautiful creative work.

    I am showing my age this morning. I was pondering the meaning of "OH." It could mean "old husband" (as in former) and then other acronyms began to fill my head. I will settle on the term Other Half. if I am wrong (and I have other answers!) let me know, please.

  5. Tales from Mount Pleasant repliesJune 13, 2011 4:29 pm

    @dogsmom - OH is Other Half lol though I would love to know what else was going through your head ;)

  6. oh, I am desperate to set my little vintage business up in a unit like this. I can't afford my own shop. Why oh why can't you be in Devon ! Good luck with this, I firmly believe its the way forward for small businesses.

  7. Tales from Mount Pleasant repliesJune 13, 2011 6:11 pm

    @Karen - I wish we were in Devon! Sadly the locals really don't seem to have the vision and drive necessary to promote a business like that here. We have seen a couple come and go in the complex - they think that coz it's 'cheap' they don't have to devote the time and effort in promoting and then wonder why no-one comes to see them...


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