Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holiday - Cayton Bay

Apologies if you have popped by this week looking for something new to read but we have been on holiday!
My mum and dad took me and the Little Man up to the North Yorkshire coast for a 5 day sojourn in a caravan.
The weather forecast was not good and to be honest 'caravanning with the olds' is hardly my idea of holiday heaven but it's good to get away and to a part of the country I had never visited before.
The Little Man was about as excited by the whole prospect as only a three year old can be, however, and when we arrived, after a nearly five hour journey, he couldn't wait to get down to the beach...

 The caravan park was less than half a mile from the beach, but the last bit was quite steep!
 Cayton Bay - beautiful sandy beach and some cracking waves but practically deserted by early evening. It was just us and half a dozen surfer dudes...
 'I want to do that, mummy!' The Little Man was well impressed with the surfers.
 I just love the boom of crashing waves...
 Grandad stayed up on the cliff rather than risk his knees on the steep descent and took pictures of me taking pictures of the Little Man :-)
Little Man just HAD to have a paddle... (and yes, it was FREEZING!)

For more pictures of the beautiful Cayton Bay on a sunny midsummer evening head over to the Tales from Mount Pleasant Facebook page and check out the holiday album...

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