Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#TheGallery - One Boy and his Daddy

This Sunday - June 19th - is Father's Day, so what more appropriate theme for The Gallery this week than Dads?

Little Man loves his Daddy and looks forward to every Sunday which has been re-named Daddy-Day as it's the only day the Other Half doesn't leave the house (in fact he stays firmly ensconced upon the sofa, usually with a duvet, but that's the subject for another post...)

It really is quite touching to watch the interaction between father and son, and the older he gets the more Little Man is obviously trying to emulate his Daddy. They play cars together and Lego and sometimes run around outside with a football. It won't be long before he gets a go on his first proper bike (with stabilisers) - Daddy has already found one for him (second-hand) and cleaned it up and got it ready to ride. Daddy's love of motorbikes is clearly being picked up and they will watch the bike racing on TV together (although LM does get a bit bored after a while and starts requesting Peppa Pig instead....) I'm sure in the not-too-distant future they will go and watch live races together (and leave Mummy in peace for a whole day )
As I watch them together, as mummy on the outside, I see the similarities in their expressions and actions, I hear the Little Man using the phrases that he has picked up from his daddy (the cute and the not so cute) and I sense the protectiveness and pride in his lad that radiates from the Other Half - I get a little lump in throat.
My boys....

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  1. I love this post! Such a lot of love.

  2. ForestFlower23June 15, 2011 9:41 am

    Thank you :) He doesn't spend nearly as much time at home as he'd like to (the joys of running your own business) but he makes up for it when he is here. And LM clearly idolises his daddy!

  3. ForestFlower23June 15, 2011 8:48 pm

    Aren't they? And LM looks almost exactly like his daddy did as a child. So I kinda know what he's gonna grow into :)

  4. Lovely, just lovely. I love this pic so much along with the words. I went with a hands theme too over at although much older ones

  5. Lovely post! You can tell they both idolise eachother! Beautiful photos x

  6. Love the picture, and great post x

  7. A gorgeous post. Really beautiful insight. Each of us mother and father offer special things. It is so amazing to see that our basic biology still runs true and been so nice seeing all the dad posts x

  8. Working London mummyJune 15, 2011 11:13 pm

    Just posted comment below but used wrong login so just wanted to say the Pierre75 comment is from me. X


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