Saturday, February 25, 2012

A hint of Spring...

Hard to believe that only two weeks ago I was posting pictures of our ice-encrusted Winter Wonderland. The weather has taken a (brief?) turn for the better this week, reminding us that the dark time is nearly over and very soon Spring will be here...


Mini Daffodils - I love these so much more than their  full-size cousins


Ron enjoys the sunshine

Getting stuck in...

Ladybird takes a pollen bath!

The garden is just revving up and getting going now. Before long we will actually have sunshine in the back again and then I will really feel like Winter is finally over!


  1. Beautiful photos :o) Sunshine feels rather nice doesn't it! x

  2. I LOVE it, but then my OH does joke that I am solar powered... ;-)

  3. Love spring flowers - so welcome at this time of year. Great cat's name!


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