Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air....

There is a lot of love about this week... Hearts in all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere I look on the internet. Did someone mention Valentine's Day?

You know, my Other Half is not the most romantic type - he has only ever bought me flowers once. To be fair it was a single red rose and he had to tuck it inside his bike jacket to deliver it. All those thorns with only a tshirt to protect him... no wonder he never got me any more!!!  This year he has a meeting with the Coleford Carnival of Transport Commitee (of which he is a member) tonight so no surprise dinner for 2 for me then... *sigh*

So it seems, if I want some of that lovin' feeling I will just have to find it for myself...

 Happy Valentines Day my lovers!!

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