Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#Mumentum - A Week Off

I spent most of last week at my mums which meant portion control pretty much went out of the window.
My parents like to eat - although, to their credit, they do eat a lot less than they used to! They like BIG meals, usually meat based and in much larger quantities than we are used to.
As a grazer who prefers to eat little and often, I find the traditional eating three meals a day thing quite difficult. I find I simply can't manage the plate load put in front of me, and certainly don't have any room for pudding afterwards but a couple of hours later I am ready to eat again (while they are dozing). I also realised that I drink a LOT more than they do. And I am not talking about alcohol here. At home I virtually chain drink tea and coffee, although I am trying to alternate with water now. Whilst there I find myself flicking the kettle on and ending up making tea/coffee for the multitudes... (I should explain both my brother and sister still live at home. There is some rule that states whenever one wants a cuppa one MUST make a cuppa for everyone else in the house too. Which is probably why they don't drink nearly as much as I do...)

The weather wasn't brilliant either so, apart from a Friday morning bimble around town (which included a very lovely crafty purchase) there was not much exercise to be had, but I did manage to get to bed at a reasonable time and the Little Man was good and didn't wake up too early so I got a decent amount of sleep!

I am also proud to say I was able to turn down a (repeatedly) offered doughnut - I honestly don't think my mum believed me the first time!

Last night I did my first Wii workout for a week using the 'Combine Routines' function for 30 mins of varied exercise followed by a 20 min jog. After a week of nothing I noticed a definite drop in performance but it felt good to be back on it again.

And as for the scales - my new BFF - they neither frowned nor smiled. No change.


  1. You also had exercise on Thursday when you put Bear's cot together!

  2. lol - of course - although that was more an exercise in not swearing too much in front of young children/parents... It did make me sweat a bit :-)

  3. I have to admit I do agree about the whole not drinking enough at your parents thing!

  4. Oh God I cannot remember the last time I touched my Wii and I have two games (if you can call them that) that are both targeted at fitness and workouts. I really should use them.
    I love big dinners and love to eat a big meal. I do graze but it's not my preference xxx

  5. Hi Anthea - I LOVE your blog! Just spotted you commenting on Cherry Menlove's page and thought I would pay you a visit! The blog hop is great - thank you! I've just joined in x

  6. Thanks for your comment and compliment ;-) Your blog is pretty cute too! I am following now. Just so you know - the #Mumentum bloghop is aimed at mums trying to lose their mum tums, and as lovely as the Baileys rocky road looks (I admit, I am drooling a little) it doesn't quite fit in with the 'hop' - Visit bloghop host Liska at newmumonline.blogspot.com for more about #Mumentum :-) x

  7. Here's hoping that this week was a super one for you! Mich x


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