Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Year Promise

Now I know, what with it being two thirds of the way through February already, it's a little late to be blogging about New Years resolutions and all, but as I have only had my laptop back three weeks I think I have a pretty good excuse...

Most of the first half of January was spent catching up with my paperwork. Unlike the Other Half's business paperwork which I deal with every week, mine tends to get put to one side to sort out 'later'. Well the pressing matter of tax return deadlines reared its ugly head so I couldn't ignore it any longer.  As I sorted through I was pleasantly surprised at the volume of sales I had achieved through Folksy, Facebook and Twitter plus sales from bricks-and-mortar shops and craft fairs. Not to mention the special commissions from friends and friends-of-friends. But (there is always a but) despite having brought in a modest income from my work I had also spent a great deal of money on materials.
Yes, I made a profit (woohoo) but only a small one and the more I thought about it - about the stress of fulfilling orders whilst keeping a toddler occupied; of keeping up with the forums and promotion on social networks; of the OH dropping barbed comments about the amount of time I was spending with my head in my laptop; the late nights editing photographs, listing and tweaking the website/online shops; and most importantly, the frustration I felt because the Little Man just wouldn't let me finish one (more) little thing.  And, you know, actually, I wondered if it was worth it. Really.

Something else has also been playing on my mind recently too. The Little Man - he's not so little anymore. On a daily basis he proudly tells me he is getting bigger like daddy, "I am nearly four now!". In seven months time he will be starting school. Part of me is really looking forward to this. He's a smart kid, he is inquisitive and genuinely wants to know about everything. I know he will love school, but (there it is again) part of me is aghast. Where has the time gone? How can we possibly be thinking about school already? Why am I spending all my time fretting and stressing and worrying about my fledgling business when I should be making the most of every moment I have with him before SCHOOL takes over...

So I have made a promise to myself.

This time I have with the Little Man is precious. It is important. Once gone, I will never be able to get it back. So for the next seven months the business will be sitting on the back burner, gently simmering, while I get on with the important task of properly enjoying the spring and summer with my special little pre-schooler...


  1. It is Amazing how quickly time flies! I can't believe that my eldest will be leaving home soon to go to uni and that TLM is two! It's hard to imagine that we are already thinking about schools for him and I almost don't want him to go :(
    Make the most of the time as you said. X

  2. Enjoy that last spring and summer before school. I really miss having H around during the day.

  3. I am kinda looking forward to having the time to be me again... and weekends! I really miss having no real, defined weekend!!


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