Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Button Swap and Blog Hop

I think most crafty (and many non-crafty) types have early memories of rummaging through Grandma's button tin - all Grandmas seem to have them - a random mix of coat buttons, shirt buttons, the fabric covered ones that came off the sofa, the odd ones left over from the sets she has bought for various knitted cardies over the years. Grandmas knew all about the value of a good button mix - even if it was just a fab way of keeping grandchildren amused for a bit while they made tea...

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Anyway I have carried my button love through into adulthood and now have a respectable collection of my own, boosted by the recent hand-crafting trend of button mixes.  Button mixes are great, usually themed, though not always, and an excellent way to build up your stash so you always have the right button to finish off that little project.

So when I spotted this great idea from NoodleBubble I just had to jump in...

The idea is you swap a 50 button mix with another button lover (as selected from those who sign up on NoodleBubble's lovely blog) - this swap is open internationally so you could get your button mix from anywhere in the world!!! How cool is that?

This is also a blog hop - add your linky to the list on NoodleBubble's blog and check out all the others there too - who knows you might discover something lovely you would never have found otherwise. Double bonus!

I've signed up. If you love buttons why not sign up too? You have until March 14th to join in and swap list will be published on March 21st.

ps: please read the rules on NoodleBubble's blog carefully. This only works if everyone does it properly ;-)

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