Saturday, February 04, 2012

Knit along with Deramores and Rowan

Have I mentioned before how much I love Mollie Makes magazine? Well they have a fab blog too and the other day they pulled my attention to a great idea from the award winning website They have joined forces with Rowan Yarns and, utilising the modern wonder that it social networking, have organised a 'Knit along' by giving away a free knitting pattern for a cosy snood (just perfect for the cold snap we are weathering at the moment!) and encouraging their facebook 'likers' and Twitter followers to join in and post about their progress!

Well, as part of my New Year's Promise (as opposed to 'Resolution', but more about that another time) to myself I felt I just had to take part...

I confess I cheated slightly and used yarn from my stash - a double knit baby yarn (Sirdar Snuggly) that I bought ages ago with the intention of making my baby something cosy- rather than purchase the Rowan Alpaca Cotton yarn the pattern specifies*. Obviously it's finer than the aran weight yarn but I figure it will be all the lighter and 'lacier' for it.

Wanna see the project so far?

I love the simplicity of the pattern and the short rows mean it is easy to pick up and put down without risking losing your way or dropping stitches. I'm not the worlds fastest knitter - my mum could probably whip this up over a couple of evenings - but it's growing quick enough for me not to lose interest and pack it away with all the other 'unfinished' projects...

If you want to have a go too, head over to Deramores for the free pattern. They also have 10% off the gorgeous Rowan Alpaca Cotton yarn until 9th Feb as a further incentive if you want to do it properly.

You can post your work in progress pictures on the Deramores facebook page or tweet them using the tag #KAL and mentioning @Deramores and @RowanYarns so they can see what you've created too!

If you blog your knit along project then be sure to let me know and leave a link with your comment.

Good luck! x

*If money was no object I would have gone for the gorgeous muted Lichen (green) or Raindrop (grey-blue). Or maybe made one in each colour...


  1. Looks lovely. Might have a go myself. Just made a scarf for me from a bobbly wool and H has put in an order for one for him too. If it's still cold when I've finished making that, I might try this.

    1. It's really easy to knit and looks gorgeous. I can't wait till it's finished and I can wear it. What's the betting we have a heatwave by the middle of next week? ;-)

  2. Hi, have you still got the pattern by any chance? I want to try knit this for my baby. Your project looks amazing!

    1. I'm afraid I dont have it - it was only available on the Deramores website for a short while and I think I copied it onto a piece of paper which has long since disappeared! :( Have you tried Loads of free pattern downloads there - you are sure to find something super cute to knit fo r your baby! Good luck x


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