Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Birthday Tea

This week my little man celebrates his 3rd birthday.
Now I could go on about how the time has flown and how he is growing up so fast etc etc.
But I won't.

Instead, here are some pictures from his birthday tea with family and friends in Nanny and Grampy's garden.

Opening pressies - OMG it's a picture with me in it! I am so sorry...

Getting the hang of this 'unwrapping' thing now...

See, Paige - this is how it's done...

Off for a wander around Nanny's garden


fun and frolics in the garden

A friendly, completely non-competitive (honest, guv) game
of footie - AKA Boys will be boys

more ball games

Time to go home now. Thank you for coming to my party!

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