Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peter Rabbit™ Organic Juices Review

The Little Man and I are always keen to try something new and when these lovely juices from Peter Rabbit™ Organics arrived yesterday morning we couldn't wait to get stuck in...

The juices are completely organic (you can read all about their values here ) and contain nothing more than water, organic fruit concentrate and a little extra vitamin C. I have always tried to avoid giving the Little Man squash drinks - not because of the sugar content (although that is a little worrying) but more due to all the other additives the manufacturers feel it is necessary to add, particularly artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Generally at home I give him diluted (about 50/50) juice but when we are out and about it gets a bit harder. Most fruit juices available in single serving cartons are undiluted and that's really not ideal for little ones - both for their teeth (yes natural sugars found in fruit juices are just as bad as 'added sugars') and their digestive systems. Peter Rabbit™ Organic Juices are come in handy 150ml servings and are diluted perfectly for little ones.

So what do they taste like? Well the fight was on for a taste of the Pear juice - I managed to get a sip before the Little Man snaffled the lot and it was a lovely, crisp pear flavour. I was allowed to have the Apple and Blackcurrant which I found very refreshing, with quite a sharp blackcurrant taste - children used to the sweetness of squash may not go for this - but again Little Man loved it (yes I let him have a go...)
I am saving the Apple and Grape juice to throw in my handbag when I go and pick him up from nursery - these small size cartons are perfect for that!

My only criticism of these particular juices would be that while they are perfect for very little ones, they are little on the small size for a thirsty toddler. A larger, 250ml size carton is available in slightly more sophisticated flavours (the Summer Berries one sounds particularly good!).
The packaging is lovely with a slightly retro feel and features the instantly recognisable Peter Rabbit, the straws are good quality that don't bend when you try and pierce the foil seal and they are extendable so they don't get lost inside the carton whilst your little one is trying to drink. All in all a great product and I will be looking out for their fruit purees to try too!

Peter Rabbit™ Organic juices are available from the baby aisle of all good supermarkets and organic food specialists and are also stocked by Toys R Us and Mamas and Papas and have a rrp of 55p each.

Many thanks to Peter Rabbit ™ Organics for letting us try their new fruit juices - they were sent to us for free but all words, opinions and pictures are my own.

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