Monday, May 30, 2011

Walking the Green Lanes...

"Do I belong to some ancient race?
I like to walk in ancient places.

These are things that I can understand..."

'Sell Out' The Levellers
 Levelling the Land 1991
 Many years ago, when the Little Man was not even the faintest twinkle in my eye, before I met his Daddy, when my life was just me and the cat and no complications, I used to love taking myself off into the woods and just walking. Following the old footpaths and trails that meander through the Forest with no apparent destination in mind (although I'd usually end up in some pub or another...).
These days I just don't have the me-time to do these things but thankfully,  now the Little Man is getting older and able to walk further my Forest ramblings look like making a welcome return.

Yesterday we took a stroll down to Nonny's house. Rather than being tied to the main road (the pushchair route) I decided to leave the buggy at home and go across country...
Across the meadows...
The long grass swayed in the wind and made a lovely 'whoooshy' sound!
 Along the Forest paths- many of these footpaths are roughly 'paved' (more cobbled) have the remains of drystone boundary walls on either side where they have been in use for generations
 The bluebells are all finished now but there are plenty of other woodland flowers to see like these gorgeous (and poisonous) foxgloves
 Not to mention some amazing trees. Although parts of the Forest are now filled with quick growing pine and spruce that provide an income, much of the deciduous 'ancient' forest remains.

Walking the Green Lanes takes a bit longer than using the modern paths alongside the roads, but the journey is more pleasant by far. We are much more inclined to take it at our own pace...

 ...plenty of time and opportunity to chill...

And to top it off - here is something we would have missed. 
A whole meadow full of horses and their foals. That really made the Little Man's day. And mine!

I know I have said it before, and I will probably say it again, but we are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country!


  1. Walking through the forest sounds like a great option - and nice to be able to take your little man that way. The ability to walk so freely in the countryside is one of my favourite things about living in England - and great for lifting your spirits! Melissa x

  2. Tales from Mount Pleasant repliesMay 30, 2011 1:00 pm

    I realise how lucky we are and that many people just don't have the option! It is sad how many local kids don't get to explore the magic on their doorstep coz their parents don't have the time/energy/willingness to take them and it is so much easier to just bung 'em all in the car! I just hope the Little Man grows up to share my love of the Green Lanes :)


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