Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#TheGallery - Mustachioed

I must admit when I saw Tara's prompt this week I panicked slightly. Mustaches. Hate them! Especially those primped and preened ones that the owners are so obviously proud of. Uughhh!
I have nothing against facial hair per se, indeed a bit stubble can look undeniably sexy and I do rather like Captain Jack Sparrow's goatee ensemble. But the Tom Selleck look really doesn't do it for me...
And whilst I fully appreciated the sentiment behind last years 'Movember' campaign the sight of all those attempted 'mustaches' (facebook was awash with the things) was enough to make me shudder uncontrollably and arm myself with a Gillette or two just in case they turned feral...

So asking the OH to grow a quick 'tache for me to photograph was out of the question and grabbing an eyeliner and decorating the Little Man's face for the sake of my blogging kudos seemed a bit, well, wrong...

But I really couldn't miss the Gallery two weeks in a row! (Technically I DID do a Gallery post last week but thanks in part to my disorganisation and major BLOGGER fail, it didn't get posted til Friday so counted only by the skin of it's teeth...)

And besides there's a competition involved this time. With a prize!!

So here we have our take on 'Mustachioed'. Not hairy, not scary, and the Little Man really enjoyed it :)
If you want to see much, much more facial hair pop along to Sticky Fingers right now. They are taking over the interweb!!!!


  1. Oh yes a milk moustache - how very clever (although shhh about the Tom Selleck thing. Laura has a major crush on him . . .)

  2. the best sort of moustache!

  3. A great idea - I should have thought of that since my little one adores babyccinos....!!

  4. Tales from Mount Pleasant repliesMay 18, 2011 9:45 am

    @Tara - oops - there goes my chances in the comp then ;)

  5. Got to love a kid with a milktache..... :) x

  6. Bless. Milk moustaches are the best!

  7. I am finding is so reassuring that more than my children have these type of moustaches.

  8. Hot chocolate tashes are pretty fetching too! Well done

  9. Not hairy or scary but super cute :)


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