Thursday, May 05, 2011

Potty Training (part two) - By George I think he's got it...

You may remember, just over a week ago I blogged about how we were taking the plunge and letting the little man go nappy free during the day (Potty Training - part one) Well despite my initial trepidation it has all gone swimmingly well!!
I think the sticker chart had a lot to do with it (what is it with little kids and stickers?)
That and his eagerness to please. "Are you happy now mummy?" is one of his most well used phrases - which makes it sound like I am a miserable old bag most of the time.
I'm not.
But I digress...
"Are you happy now mummy?" he says as I praise him for being a good boy for asking to go to the bathroom BEFORE he wet his pants... "Yes, darling, I am very happy." "oh goody" he beams "Can I have a sticker now?"

And that pretty much was that.

Still the occasional accident but he is learning to recognise the feeling of needing to go and when he says he doesn't need a wee, he really doesn't.

And mummy really is happy now.

p.s. You may notice that one column on the sticker chart is empty. That's the 'I did a poo on the toilet' column. And no he hasn't yet. So we still have a little way to go...

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