Monday, May 30, 2011

The perfect pair...

If you follow me on Twitter (thank you) you may remember me recently lamenting the sad demise of my favourite (read ONLY) pair of blue jeans. My trusty pair of Joe Browns, slightly stretchy, mid blue flared jeans bought not long after the Little Man was born and I knew there was no way I'd get into my pre-baby jeans THAT summer. I never dreamed that three years down the line I'd still be wearing them - and with money being tight (much like my old jeans) I stuck with the one pair and hoped they would be all I needed to see me through the post-baby flabby bit.

Hah! Sad, deluded fool that I am...

Poor old jeans have been worn on almost constant rotation with one other pair of black jeans for three years and have finally given up on me, wearing through several places pretty much simultaneously :(

So the search was on for a new pair. Money is tighter than ever so they had to be cheap(ish). I wanted a well fitting waist - low risers are out, the muffin top needs no encouragement. I wanted washed out, mid-blue colour (can't stand that 'new' denim look). They need to be practical enough for every day but ok to dress up a bit too. Most of all I wanted to feel GOOD in them.
I found what I hoped to be the perfect pair from a mail order company, ordered a couple to try, and fortunately found what I was looking for without too much trouble.

Very nice, but really that's hardly worthy of a blog post, you mutter.

Fair enough but these jeans not only fit - well and comfortably - but they are a size 16!!! That means I am one size closer to the pre-baby jeans. And for me that is BIG (or rather 'not as big as I was') news!

Anyone who - like me - has a wardrobe full of 'I will wear them again one day' clothes will understand.


  1. I am currently in size 18 jeans but dying to get into my size 16s which I fleetingly did a couple of weeks back till I started bloating again.
    They fit on legs and hips - it's the Mum Tum that's the problem.

    I have another pair which have just in the last few days worn through on the inside leg from too much thigh rubbing :-0 The joys of having legs so big that they rub together.

    Can so relate to this post.

    Liska x

  2. Fab news, so glad you got yourself kitted out with new jeans. So important to feel comfy and know you look good.

    Mich x

  3. I will never fit back in to my pre baby jeans!

  4. Very different reason to be cheerful but I like it!

  5. Totally understand! Wardrobe is bulging with things that don't fit! Well done on finding that elusive comfy pair :)

  6. I will never fit back in to my pre baby jeans!


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