Friday, May 13, 2011

#TheGallery - Just Chillin'

This week's theme for The Gallery is 'Chilled Out'. Typically my contribution is late. Partly because Blogger broke and partly coz finding time to do anything this week has been a nightmare! I am at the moment feeling anything but 'chilled'...

There are many advantages to running your own business. The final decision is yours, there is no jumped up manager telling you what to do and, in theory, you can work the hours you choose.

In theory.

In practice that often means working all hours under the sun and getting very little time off! This means any days off we do manage to arrange as a family are extremely precious and, as much as I would just love to spend a day in the sun, reading a good book, sipping something long and cool, when you have an over-active toddler with a zest for life it's just not possible. Mores the pity.

Last Wednesday was Little Man's third birthday. I arranged for cover at the shop so Daddy could have the day off and we decided to celebrate in style with a trip to the seaside. It wasn't the most relaxing day out ever - first we missed the turn off the motorway and when we did get there the tide was so far out we couldn't actually see the sea! (This is a recurring theme at Weston super Mare).  But we had fun - just Mummy, Daddy and Little Man. And a day of fun, forgetting for a few hours the stress and worries of day to day life, just enjoying each other's company and going with the flow is about as chilled out as we get these days :)

Of course if you really want to chill out properly you need to take a lesson from the Master of Chill...

...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done :)

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